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What Are The 10 Most Common Injuries That Online Physio Can Help With?

Date posted: Wednesday 10th August 2022

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Please note: Our articles are not designed to replace medical advice. If you have an injury we highly recommend seeing a qualified health professional. To book an appointment with Tim, or one of The Online Physiotherapy team, please visit our Physio clinic page. We have specialists for each major area of the body, ensuring you receive the best treatment for your injury.

How many 'common injuries' are there? What is a 'common injury?'

For us to talk around common injuries in this blog, we had better define what we are mean when we use this phrase. Very simply, it is both common ailments that people experience, but also the most frequently seen injuries at The Online Physiotherapist. These two lists are essentially the same unsurprisingly, but transparency is key when we talk around common injuries.

low back pain common injuries black young athlete female

"Can Online Physiotherapy treat my injury effectively and speedily?"

This is a common question for anyone with an injury or ailment…

Good news is, that as Physiotherapy evolves this is a natural question to ask, and not uncommon.

Trust us. We completely understand where you’re coming from! 

There are several really common injuries we see here at The Online Physiotherapist, ones that sometimes you might think are perhaps that bit more manageable all the way to, so severe it’s having a significant impact on your day to day life.

So, all that said… here is a brief introduction to the most common injuries we see and treat here at The Online Physiotherapist.

Quick note: if you cannot see you injury on here please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Injuries and Online appointments

Ever wondered whether or not online physio can help with your injury?

Perhaps you, like the vast majority of our society, have never really heard of online physiotherapy but lead busy lives and wonder when on earth you’re going to make time to get in the car, drive to the physio, sit in the waiting room, do your physio session, get back in the car and drive home… so time intensive right? We thought so too, thus birthing The Online Physiotherapist.

Not only do we take out the commute time (winner winner chicken dinner – or not chicken for all us vegans/veggies out there), we have also found that online physio has the potential to be just as/if not more effective than conventional face to face appointments!

the online physiotherapist benefits

You may think we are mad (!)…. and we may be… but not on this fact. The data we have been collecting over the last 3 years has found that those under our care have experienced the same recovery in comparison to in-clinic Physiotherapy, and for 40% of people, they are experiencing a faster recovery than would be expected(!!) Wild, hey? Why do we think that is the case? Because we are simply awesome and know-it-alls? Well… of course (!) but we discuss our hypothesis for fast recovery times in our video, Why Online Physiotherapy is SO powerful.

The Secret is out… Online physio is breaking into the world of conventional health services AND is becoming an increasingly common mode of injury treatment.

Now, what are some of the most common injuries we see, you might be wondering. Is your injury something we see much of? (Keep reading, I’m about to tell you). It’s easy to feel alone, or like the only one suffering with your kind of pain when you’re injured… so perhaps this will put you at ease in knowing that you’re not the only one, if nothing else.

10 most common injuries

Here at The Online Physiotherapist we see all injuries from low back pain, shoulder injury, poor posture to post surgical patients and other sports injuries, such as sprained ankles and running injuries… these are some of the most frequent complaints we see, but our scope of practice certainly isn’t limited to just these 10!

The following injuries are all treated slightly differently – we also adapt treatment plans to suit you! This is because although there is lots of general advice out there, your injury is unique, and you undoubtedly need advice that is tailored to you, from the diagnosis we give you, and a guide through your rehab – we aim to make your path to recovery as accessible and easy as possible for you!

In descending order from those that are least common to those that we see a ton of, here are your 10 most common injuries seen, treated and helped by The Online Physiotherapist!

10. Elbow Pain, including Tennis and Golfers Elbow.

  • Tennis elbowgolfer’s elbow, what’s the difference? Tennis elbow is pain on the outside of the elbow, golfer’s elbow is pain on the inside of the elbow! Both of these can really inhibit your day to day activities, and therefore are certainly something we would be keen to have a look at. Quick tips for short term pain relief are things like compression sleeves! You can find these on our recommended products page.
elbow pain female common injuries

9. Thigh pain, including muscle strains, nerve injuries and more.

  • There can be many different types of thigh pain, front, back, top, bottom. Often caused by short sharp bursts of movement, or they can come on over time due to overuse, either way; they almost always require conservative treatment (physiotherapy) to get better, or else they usually just keep coming back!
thigh pain strain male holding leg active common injury

8. Neck pain, often including muscle overuse, and arthritis.

female holding neck shoulder pain
  • A ha, you office/desk based workers, I see you. Neck pain is an extremely common ailment – affecting 30-50% of adults a year. This can be a horrifically uncomfortable injury and can often come up out of nowhere! We’ve all woken up with a stiff neck, that familiar uncomfortable pinching feeling. Don’t worry, everyone (including ourselves) has suffered with this more than once! What we would suggest for necks in particular is heat – hot water bottles will be your friend!

7. Foot pain, including plantarfasciitis, broken toes and more.

  • The list of causes of foot pain is nearly as long as this one, foot pain is always something we recommend getting checked out, if not least for the fact most people need their feet to get around.
foot and ankle pain plantarfascitis runner common injury

6. Lower leg pain, including shin splints, achilles tendinopathy and more

holding leg shin splints common injury
  • You speak to any runner and I’m sure they’ll tell you all about achilles tendinopathy and shin splints (trust me, we’ve all been stuck on the other end of that conversation, right? – Guilty!) These types of injury can be extremely stubborn and can take a long time to settle down, characteristically they always rear their head in the run up to a race, or just when you’re into the swing of running again… sod’s law, eh? Ice and elevation after running is a good pain management technique, coupled with rehabilitation for the muscles that aren’t doing their job. These are not to be taken lightly, severe achilles pain and shin splints can lead to stress fractures and ruptures if they’re neglected! If you’re interested in any further advice on this stubborn ailment, have a look at our website .

5. Hip pain, including arthritis, strains, sprains, impingement and more.

  • (You, tennis/team sport players, past or present, I’m looking at you) – Hip injuries are annoying, right? Limping is time consuming at the very least! As well as painful, ice is going to be your friend for this type of injury in the first 24/48 hours, then switch to heat, followed by gentle rehabilitation – always remember ‘motion is lotion’ or another is ‘movement is medicine’– gentle walks, gentle stretching will help too in those early days – for a further assessment with an expert physiotherapist and structured plan for that road to recovery, book your appointment today.
Hip Pain Socket anatomy common injury

4. Shoulder Pain

  • These can be terribly frustrating as much as they can be painful. Are you struggling to reach that mug from the top shelf, or noticing washing your hair has become a problem, or perhaps you picked up your coffee mug this morning and realised it is suddenly really hard work? Shoulder injuries can also be extremely easy to flare up, so avoiding those irritating/painful movements is usually the best place to start, followed by gentle rehabilitation, if you’re interested… click here to check out our website and book your session to speak to one of our expert physios today
common injuries shoulder pain

3. Knee pain, including meniscus, ligament and muscle injuries3

Knee pain holding knee common injury
  • The dreaded knee pain… knee pain is probably one of the MOST common injuries we see here at The Online Physiotherapist; affecting all manner of patients from marathon runners to office workers. The list of causes, again, can be a mile long, so it is always worth getting a health professional to cast an eye over it to get to the bottom of your symptoms. The main thing to be aware of is what caused it? And if you’re not sure exactly, then when did it start? Ice, rest and elevation is a good starting point in the first few days after injury, but then rehabilitation is the best route (depending on injury severity).

2. Ankle sprain

common injuries ankle sprain
  • Ankle injuries are perhaps the most stubborn injuries if left alone, which is why we here at The Online Physiotherapist will always encourage people to get them checked out and treated properly! The structures in the ankle work really hard to keep you upright in all your day to day activities and they have a habit of being terribly destructive to patients quality of life following an ankle injury. Not only are ankle injuries uncomfortable, but they can also be terribly debilitating… with some studies showing that they can take up to a year to heal! Nobody wants to still be hobbling about 6-12 months after tripping down the stairs, right? Luckily, they’re something we see ALL the time here at TOP, if you have any questions then do get in touch, or book your Physio appointment to get a diagnosis and action plan today.

1. Lower back pain

  • Are you noticing your back is aching after sitting at the desk all day, or perhaps you’ve woken up feeling like you’ve aged 30 years? Or perhaps you bent over to pick something up and had that ‘popping’ or ‘going’ sensation? – Good news, this is certainly something online physio can help with, often lower back problems are caused by mechanical issues or soft tissue injuries, or other slightly less active muscles. Thus being perfect for Online Physiotherapy as we concentrate heavily on rehabilitation and strengthening those lower back/leg muscles so that we’re able to get you back (see what I did there) on your feet. It’s the kind of injury that does generally require a lot of time and effort from you, but one that responds extremely well to online physiotherapy (so long as you’re willing to be on it like a car bonnet with your rehab!)
low back pain common injury

Statistics from The Online Physiotherapist January 2020- Jan 2022

Lumbar Spine

197 (24%)


111 (13%)


97 (12%)


96 (12%)

Hip & Groin

85 (10%)

Lower Leg

77 (9%)


49 (6%)


28 (3%)


17 (2%)


10 (1%)

💡 In Conclusion

To conclude, there is no one injury we really see the most of, our physiotherapists are well versed in treating all areas of the body. The problems we regularly see when people ignore their injuries include: injury recurrence, further injury, decreased exercise tolerance and loss of sleep to list but a few! These in turn can lead to a decline in mental wellbeing, the holistic world loves these terms we know… but it’s now well known that physical and mental health share strong links.

Here at The Online Physiotherapist we direct our focus on active (rehab) interventions, rather than the more traditional passive methods i.e. massage. This aligns with the evidence based scientific recommendations (read more on that here) urging people to move away from passive interventions, commonly used in traditional face to face physio treatment rooms.

Online physio can effectively treat MOST injuries. We will be completely honest… There are some injuries we would recommend you should get seen face to face, but that has only been ~1.5% of our client population. If you think you could be in that ~1.5% and you wanted some further advice on the matter, we are offering a FREE 15 minute screening call where we will be able to run through a quick injury screening and point you in the right direction. If any of the injuries listed above have prompted you to give online physio a go, or you’ve simply decided you’re sick of being in pain/injured, click here to get in touch!

We would love for you to get in touch with any further questions, queries or feedback – your thoughts are much appreciated!

If you are in pain, or have an injury book yourself in below to start your recovery today.


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